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The main objective of Training Needs Analysis conducted by the Human Resources Office is to determine tasks, competencies specific to the institutions, and training needs for 21st-century competencies in these institutions. Also, it aims to examine the importance of these needs, their priorities, and how they will be addressed.


It was conducted to indicate training needs of all public employees. It consists of Ministry-specific tasks and responsibilities, competencies, legislation, computer applications, and systems. Based on six title groups: top manager, manager, administrative, technical, profession, and service title group, more than 560,000 public employees participated in the analysis.

For further information about the method used in Training Needs Analysis, please click here.

The personal data obtained during the survey was processed automatically in compliance with the 5th clause of Article No 6698 of Protection of Personal Data Law, stating “necessity for fulfilling legal duties of the data holder” (legal duties of the Human Resources Office are defined in the 527th clause in the Presidential Decree Number 1). In this context, all necessary technical and administrative measures are taken by the Presidency of the Republic of Türkiye Human Resources Office to ensure the appropriate level of security.