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Career Planning Course is a 14-week course prepared by Presidency of the Republic of Türkiye Human Resources Office to create career awareness for university students and to support them in their career journeys. Course videos for each week are offered to students via "YTNK TV" digital training platform.

With this course, it is aimed to create awareness for university students about the expectations of business life. Also, it enables them to plan their working life following graduation by making use of their learning and education life. It helps them to choose a job or profession in the fields that are suitable for their qualifications based on their skills, abilities, and competencies.

With Career Planning Course, students can develop themselves by internalizing career-related concepts, learning how to benefit from career centers, becoming aware of their characteristics, using Talent Gate, getting to know different sectors where they can work as an intern, a professional or a voluntarily.

To watch Career Planning Course on YTNK.TV click here.