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With the transformation to the new presidential system in Türkiye, the Presidential Human Resources Office (CBİKO) was established, and is operational according to the relevant clauses of Presidential Decree No1 (Organisation of the Presidency)

Presidential Decree No 1 (Organisation of the Presidency)



ARTICLE 525 - (1) With this clause of the Decree, the Digital Transformation Office, the Finance Office, the Human Resources Office and the Investment Office are established as public corporate bodies with private budgets. These offices are attached to the Presidency and are autonomous in terms of administration and finances.


ARTICLE 526 - (1) In this chapter;

a) Director stands for: Director of the Digital Transformation Office, Director of the Finance Office, Director of the Human Resources Office, Director of the Investment Office

b) Directorate stands for: Directorate of the Digital Transformation Office, Directorate of the Finance Office, Directorate of the Human Resources Office, Directorate of the Investment Office

The duties of offices

ARTICLE 527 - (1) The duties of the Digital Transformation Office are as follows:

a) Coordinating the digital transformation of state institutions

b) Developing national technologies and launching projects for building awareness within this context.

c) Conducting big data analyses, leading artificial intelligence projects in priority areas

ç) Developing projects for improving cyber and information security

(2) The duties of the Finance Office are as follows:

a) Monitoring and reporting the national and international banking and finance sector

b) Reporting Türkiye’s position within finance markets

c) Conducting studies for attracting international funds to Türkiye and for increasing the diversity of financial resources

ç) Conducting the Istanbul Finance Center Project and supervising its progress

(3) The duties of the Human Resources Office are as follows:

a) Constituting Türkiye’s human resources inventory; and conducting activities for talent development in necessary areas

b) Creating projects for enabling improvement of human resources in accordance with Türkiye’s vision, objectives and priorities

c) Exploring specially talented individuals and conducting talent management projects

ç) Identifying talented individuals worldwide and enabling their participation in national projects, in areas priotized by policy boards

d) Developing projects for the realisation of contemporary human resources management, career management and performance management practices in the public sector.

e) Developing projects and conducting studies for improving merit and competence in public sector recruitment

f) Conducting resource planning studies for increasing productivity

(4) The duties of the Investment Office are as follows:

a) To make efforts to encourage investment in Türkiye in order to increase the investments needed for the country's economic development,

b) To ensure coordination between institutions and organizations within the scope of international activities carried out by public institutions and organizations and private sector organizations for the promotion of the investment environment,

c) Identifying problems and hurdles investors may encounter and intervening in related authorities

ç) Generating, compiling, updating, and disseminating all necessary data and information for boosting investments in Türkiye and establishing cooperation with national and international bodies to this end

d) Supporting the reform process by developing propositions for improving the investment climate

(5) Presidential Offices are obliged to do all other duties ordered by the President

Common clauses

Responsibility and coordination

ARTICLE 528 - (1) Office Director is the highest manager of the office and is responsible for the general administration and representation of the office to the President.

(2) Office Director manages the office in accordance with the policies, objectives and strategies determined by the President.

(3) Office Director prepares the budget proposal and conducts its application in accordance with predetermined policies, objectives, strategies, performance criteria and performance targets; monitors and reports.

(4) Office Director reviews management systems of the office, regards the effectiveness of the management processes and of the institutional structure and enables improvement of the management.

(5) Office Director enables coordination and cooperation with related public institutions and NGOs in the office’s areas of interest.

(6) Organisational structure of the offices consists of service units, consulting units and supporting service units.

(7) The office, within all areas of its duties, is commissioned and authorized to coordinate and assure cooperation of all related institutions and to hold necessary meetings and other events to this end.

(8) The Office Presidencies may, in accordance with their needs pertaining to their duties, have local and foreign real and legal persons carry out research, studies and projects, and arrange international bilateral and multilateral contacts and meetings and provide all kinds of goods and services by means of contracts or bargaining and they may purchase goods and services related to these issues.

(9) Expenditures to be made within the framework of the provisions of the relevant legislation shall be covered for public officials and other persons to be employed in the procurement of services related to the activities within this scope and the evaluation of the projects proposed to the Presidency and monitoring of the supported projects. In research and development projects supported by the Presidency, faculty members working within the scope of the project may be paid on the amounts determined in the approved project, provided that the project duration is limited. The service fee may be paid to the other personnel who are working on the project and who are not public officials over the amounts determined in the approved project.

Personnel recruitment, employment and assignment

ARTICLE 529 - (1) Personnel shall be employed in the offices in accordance with the provisions of Article 10 of Law No. 5523 dated 21/6/2006. In addition, according to the relevant Article 25 of the Decree Law No. 375 dated 27/6/1989, according to Article 25 and Annex 26, temporary or contract personnel may be employed. The procedures and principles of the contract, the amount of wages and all kinds of payments of those to be employed in this way shall be determined by the President.

(2) Expert personnel shall be employed among the candidates who have graduated from higher education institutions providing at least four years of education or higher education institutions whose equivalence is accepted by the Higher Education Council.

(3) In temporary occupations requiring special knowledge and expertise, local and foreign consultants and experts may be employed by a proxy, work or service contract for a period of one year or more than one year, taking into consideration the nature or continuity of the service.

(4) Procedures and principles regarding the employment of the personnel and the operating expenses of the chairman and other personnel during the performance of their duties shall be determined by regulations.

(5) An internal auditor with the qualifications specified in the Public Financial Management and Control Law No. 5018 may be employed.

Budget and audit

ARTICLE 530 - (1) The budget of the Office shall consist of the following resources:

a) The grant from the general budget to be included in the Presidential budget,

b) Revenues to be obtained for various services that may be provided by the Office for a fee,

c) Aids and donations from real and legal persons.

(2) Procedures and principles regarding the revenue, expenditure and accounting and auditing of the budgets of the offices shall be regulated by a regulation to be issued by the President.

Information request and confidentiality compliance

ARTICLE 531 - (1) Offices may request from public institutions and organizations information and documents necessary for conducting research and examination and other studies related to their field of duties. Personnel of the office may not disclose confidential information and use it for the benefit of themselves or others.


ARTICLE 532 - (1) Determination, creation, use and cancellation of cadres and other matters related to cadres shall be regulated in accordance with the provisions of the Presidential Decree on General Staff and Procedures.

Managers Responsibility

ARTICLE 533 - (1) Managers at all levels of the office, are responsible for arranging and conducting their services and duties in accordance with legislation and by the orders of the President and their sequential supervisors, towards their supervisors.

Authority and duty for arrangement

ARTICLE 534 - (1) Office Directorate may establish administrative arrangements within the area of duties, responsibilities and authority.

Organisation Abroad

ARTICLE 535 - (1) Office Directorate may establish office organization abroad in accordance with the provisions of the Presidential Decree.