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Kamu-Veri is developed to collect civil servants’ opinions and suggestions on current human resources processes in their institutions as well as their satisfaction and loyalty for their profession and institution. Kamu-Veri is a scientific and contemporary tool for surveying personal data all the components of which ranging from data collection to data analysis, are originally developed and assessed by CBİKO, itself.
All active employees with 4A, 4B, 4C status working in the Presidential House, Grand National Assembly of Turkey, Ministries, Autonomous Regulatory Bodies, Judicial Institutions, Local Administrations and Universities are targeted in the Kamu-Veri Survey. 5.3 million employees working in 1.981 state institutions and affiliates are surveyed in Kamu-Veri in order to measure 5 main factors, namely institutional satisfaction and loyalty, HR processes, organization, communication, and administration.
Kamu-Veri was opened to access between June 11th and July 26th 2019 on and will be repeated at regular periods.
All the personal data collected in the survey will be processed automatically, in compliance with the 5th clause of Article No 6698 of Protection of Personal Data Law, stating “necessity for fulfilling legal duties of the data holder” (legal duties of CBİKO are defined in the 527th clause in the Presidential Decree Number 1). CBİKO ensures all technical and administrative precautions at appropriate levels for Personal Data Protection.

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