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Several projects have been carried out jointly with ASEAN. These efforts aim to; 

• Exchange experiences in the field of human resource management, 

• Support the career growth of people, particularly young people in ASEAN member states, 

• Develop relations and cooperation between Türkiye and ASEAN member states.

In this regard, 

• Institutions from different ASEAN member states participated in the Istanbul Human Resources Forum. A dedicated meeting was held in the Forum to share knowledge, experience and common needs of ASEAN member states in the field of human resource management. 

• TalentforBIZ career events, which bring together Turkish companies with young talents to inform them about job or internship opportunities, were organized in Kuala Lumpur in October 2022.

• In 2023, TalentforBIZ career event will be held in Jakarta. Young people who are newly graduated or students from ASEAN member states could meet with Turkish employers