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Public institutions’ Training and Development Report is prepared to offer data-based solutions for employee training and development activities of ministries, to identify strengths or improvement areas for implications, and to disseminate good practices by evaluating the training and development activities of the ministries and their institutions.


Within the report, training and development activities are analyzed by using appropriate scientific methods in the details of employee and training records of public institutions, training budgets, participant profiles and participation numbers in trainings. Also, national, and international training implications are included in the report. For further information about the method, please click here.

Data on training and development activities of 17 Ministries and affiliated, related, related, and coordinated organizations are analyzed. As a result of the analysis, Ministry-specific and Türkiye-general reports are prepared.

The Public Institutions Training and Development Activities Reports are prepared annually in order to offer data-based solutions. Reports for the years 2019 and 2020 have been prepared and shared with Ministers and the managers responsible for training and development activities of the Ministries via YOBIS (Manager Information System).