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Career Gate Public Recruitment Platform is a digital platform where all public institutions carry out public recruitment phases from application to placement.


On Career Gate Public Recruitment Platform, public institutions can conduct their recruitment processes, such as posting a job, evaluation, and placement. Also, promotion and appointment processes and study/intern abroad opportunities for public employees can be carried out through the system. Candidates can follow these processes on the platform transparently.

Career Gate has been developed to increase merit, transparency, equal opportunity, efficiency, and effectiveness in public recruitment. Also, by carrying out all public recruitment processes from a single platform which is integrated with e-Government Gateway, it aims to accelerate the recruitment processes, reduce the workload of HR personnel, and minimize the human error.

Currently, all ministries, and their subsidiaries, Presidential units, regulatory and supervisory institutions, higher judicial authorities, and some universities and municipalities carry out their recruitment processes on Career Gate.  All candidates who want to apply for job postings published by these institutions can access Career Gate.


For job postings at the Career Gate and the National Internship Program click here.