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Distance Learning Gate is the national learning platform of Türkiye that is put into service of public institutions to equip employees with appropriate knowledge, skills, and competencies. The platform aims to provide equal opportunity in employee training, increase human resource efficiency, and quality of training and development activities. 

With Distance Learning Gate, public institutions can arrange their all training activities for their employees for professional and personal development. The platform offers synchronous and asynchronous training together. Also, it enables monitoring of trainings with its reporting, measurement, and evaluation system. 

More than 4 million public employees have registered to the platform and more than 1.500 institutions have been using it already. Employees can enter the platform via e-Government Gateway system identification and participate in assigned training activities. They can access synchronous training within the specified time, and access asynchronous training whenever they want.

The organization of the Presidency of the Republic of Türkiye, 17 Ministries, 10 Presidencies, and all affiliated, related, relevant, and coordinated public institutions and organizations, municipalities, and universities can benefit from the Distance Learning Gate.

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