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National Internship Program is an internship program prepared for university students under the coordination of the Human Resources Office with all ministries and their subsidiaries, relevant and related organizations, and voluntary private sector organizations. It provides all university students with an equal opportunity to access internship opportunities through transparent and merit-based processes.
Program aims at providing all university students with equal opportunity to access internship opportunities offered by public institutions and voluntary private sector organizations with transparent, merit and competency-based processes to support youth employability and young people to gain experience in professional life before graduation. The program supports public institutions to attract best talents they seek.
Evaluations are carried out with merit-based and objective methods by taking candidates’ long-term—from high school to the last year of undergraduate—studies and performances into consideration. Students transfer their related information from e-Government to the system, and they upload documents proving their competencies. Students’ competencies are scored under three main headings (Professional, Social/Artistic, and Sports Competencies) by using the above-mentioned information. The accuracy of the uploaded documents is checked by 14 different authorized institutions and university career centers.
Based on their competency scores, students are added to the Candidate Pool without their personal identifying information. Employers who are authorized to access the Candidate Pool can send internship offers to students who fit their criteria based on their competency scores without seeing the candidates’ personal identifying information. Students, then, can choose their preferred workplace among those offers. Thus, the Program reverses a deep-rooted perception that “students are chosen by employers” to “students choose the employer.”

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Public Institutions
Voluntary Employers from the Private Sector
Professional Organizations and STK's
Chambers of Industry and Commerce