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The 15th "International Congress on Innovations in Cardiology and Cardiovascular Surgery" organized by the Heart and Health Foundation of Turkey continues with sessions in Kundu Hotels in Antalya.

Scientists from 42 countries are working in a wide range of areas from medical equipment to cardiovascular innovations, from operations in hospitals to live broadcasts.

Stating that women earn more than men in the health sector, President of the Presidency Human Resources Office Assoc. Dr. Salim Atay said "Women earn 20 percent more in pharmacy, 7-8 percent more in dentistry, and 3-4 percent more in medicine.”

During the program, President of the Presidential Human Resources Office, Atay said health is an important human capital.

Pointing out that they have unprecedentedly made great transformation in healthcare in Turkey within the last 15 years, Atay said “Not only have we provided our people with better health services, but also the government has commissioned ten city hospitals. 28 city hospitals are planning to put the capacity of 41 thousand beds into service by 2021. These include many record-breaking applications.”

Asserting that an important point has been reached in the health sector, Atay reported that Turkey has become a country of millions of foreign-currency earners within this sector.

Claiming that both city and state hospitals, as well as private hospitals, have turned into a factory without a chimney and a gate of income with the quality they have achieved, Atay drew attention to the importance of the points reached in the health sector as in tourism and defense.

Evaluating the advantages and differences in the health sector, Atay recorded:

"The process is not only for our country but also for women all over the world when we compare them in terms of earnings income for men and women in all occupations. However, in the health sector alone, women earn more than men according to the primary analysis we have done in our country. In Turkey, women earn more than 20 percent in pharmacy, 7-8 percent in dentistry, and 3-4 percent more in medicine than men. The profession has become a sector that provides positive discrimination towards women."

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