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Turkey’s globally operated companies came together with young people of the country in the city of Johannesburg in South Africa to hold meetings about job and internship opportunities.

Under the scope of the “TALENTforBIZ” career fair which was organized by the Career and Talent Management Association under the auspices of the Presidential Human Resources Office, 12 Turkish companies had face-to-face interviews with participants.

“More than a thousand applications were made for the event”

Principal of the Presidential Human Resources Office, Assoc. Prof. Salim Atay pointed out that they organized fairs in various countries and tried to reach young talent and said “Turkey has improved itself in many areas. In different parts of the world, the Yunus Emre Institute and TIKA are doing great jobs appreciated by the local community of the country where they are present. In addition, we would like to promote our relations by establishing ties with relevant countries via our global companies in the areas of industry and human resources.”

Atay remarked that the human resources potential to be realized by Turkish companies would enable Turkey to promote its relations with relevant countries and stated, “Now, we stand here with our 15 global companies and representatives of our companies will carry out more than a thousand interviews.” Atay explained that the Republic of South Africa was a continent-wide important country and had qualified universities. He also stressed that they would benefit not only their country but also the continent if we provided opportunities to young talent in Africa.

“Global companies and brands are here”

Prof. Fuat Erdal, the head of the Career and Talent Management Association, suggested that South Africa was an important country since it served as a door to the continent and added, “We actually consider South Africa as a door to the continent. All global companies and brands are here. At the same time, in terms of politics, representative agencies of all world countries are located in here.”

Erdal said that human resources would contribute greatly to the relations between South Africa and Turkey and commented “That South African young people are going to work at Turkish firms and will help build cultural bridges between these two countries. Therefore, these young people will make enormous contributions to the promotion of our country in countries of the continent of Africa.

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