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Within the scope of the “TALENTforBIZ” event which was held by the Presidential Human Resources Department in Taşkent, human resources authorities of Turkish companies conducted negotiations with participants about job and internship options.

Several institutions and corporations including Havelsan, Netaş, Turkish Airlines, Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency, Teknopark İstanbul, Defacto, Turkcell, Turkish Aerospace Industries Inc, The Presidency for Turks Abroad and Related Communities, Turkey İşbank and Yunus Emre Institute attended the event.

The Uzbekistan Ministry of Innovation Development opened a stand in the fair. Within the fair, 25 different introductory meetings were carried out with interviews, workshops and case studies and presentations of firms sharing their visions. Uzbek youth paid close attention to the fair in which Turkish companies’ job opportunities were presented.

The head of the Presidential Human Resources Department Dr. Salim Atay who spoke at the opening event said “Even though the geography of our countries is far from each other, we never forget that we belong to this territory and we had left from this country in the past.” stating that they arranged the third of the fair, which was carried out in Germany and England before, in Uzbekistan by the direction of the President of the Republic. He also said “We have come to visit you with Turkish companies and important technology and savings that the Turkish Republic has saved till now.

Atay emphasized that they want to share the experiences of Turkish companies, which are rivals to the world, with Uzbek youth and they want to contribute to their development and in that way, they want them to be helpful for their country. Atay called on them to benefit from the job opportunities of Turkish companies and asked them to come to Turkey and share their knowledge and experience.

It Serves as a Model for Local Businessmen and Those of the Other Countries

Vice Minister of Uzbekistan Ministry of Innovation Development Şeref Racabbayev also highlighted that Uzbekistan-Turkey relations, which date back to very old times and have deep roots, have reached a new level stating that

they have closely felt the support of Turkey since the first days of their independence and their collaboration is still continuing today.

Racabbayev said “The activities of our Turkish partners in Uzbekistan serve as a model for local businessmen and those of the other countries.” indicating that Turkish businessmen conduct successful activities in all sectors. Racabbayev specified that this fair, which is a sign of the cooperation between the two countries, is quite significant for them and the bilateral cooperation will contribute a lot more.

Taşkent Ambassador Mehmet Süreyya Er put emphasis on this event as it provides opportunities for businessmen and youth of both countries to get to know each other and develop projects marking that Turkey-Uzbekistan relations improve rapidly on the basis of the history and rooted-fellowship of both countries.

Er reminded that Turkey also owns the world’s 16th biggest economy with its 80 million population, rich experiences and reformations in the field of industry, technology, science and education remarking that Uzbekistan has a great potential with its young and dynamic population, natural resources and human capital.

Er commented as follows: “The development of stronger relations between Uzbekistan, ancestral home located in the heart of Asia and at the center of the historical Great Silk Road, and Turkey thanks to the fair and the increase in the cooperation and joint projects are among the most important goals of our practices. “I believe this event will contribute to these goals a great deal and development-based common investment projects between our countries will rise on the shoulders of young people.”

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