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The second phase of the ‘Part-Time Student Employment Program” initiated by the Presidential Human Resources Office in January 2019 is underway. Advertising and contact addresses for students who want to work part-time at the Presidential Office Human Resources and Presidential Office of Finance has been sent to all universities offering education in Turkey.

Application Conditions

Students' applications through the newly created ‘Career Door‘ platform will be evaluated by the relevant departments of the Presidency. Applications of all candidates will be pooled on this platform. Undergraduate senior, graduate and doctoral students can apply through the ‘Career Door’ application platform until November 17th. The students who will work at least 2.5 working days per week under the framework of the project are expected to be proficient in at least one foreign language and have a grade point average of 2.5 out of 4.

Out of 524 students who applied to the program through the Career Centers of the universities last January, 24 were employed at the Human Resources Office on a part-time basis. Following this program, 9 students who successfully completed the necessary stages were entitled to continue their full-time working life within the Human Resources Office. Students who are successful in this project will be able to continue working in the Presidency.

Presidency Employment Project

All units of the Presidency, from the Presidential Private Office to the other Offices, will be able to benefit from the application pool and employ these students through the 'Career Gate' platform when they need it.

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