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The Presidential Human Resources Office hosted the acquaintance and consultation meetings with the human resources managers of the leading private sector holdings and companies at Dolmabahçe Presidential Office on 8-9 October 2019.

Head of the Presidential Human Resources Office, Assoc. Prof. Salim Atay reminded that the Office was established a year ago and said that they have made significant progress in producing macro data needed by the public and private sectors while continuing their establishment activities for a year.

“Anyone who produces added value for this country is very valuable.”

Assoc. Prof. Atay, stating that they have focused on the public for a year and reached certain data in this field, gave the following statements:

"For us, anyone generating added value in this country or having a business life is very precious. We must provide data and resources not only for the public but also for the private sector. In this respect, today we have begun to work meeting human resources managers of Turkey's largest conglomerates for the first time. Then, we will continue with the companies in a sub-scale and listen to all the managers who work in the field of human resources from the largest conglomerates to the smallest enterprises, we will enter the path of finding a common ground with them. We talk about our own work. We listen to their expectations from us. Thus, we are moving towards a process where we will analyze the needs of all working groups and provide solutions for them. "

Solutions for Employment will be generated

Atay stated that the first day of the event 28 participants, the second day of it the 31 participants took part, and he followed as "It was a very well-attended work. Everyone was promised and everyone listened carefully. We took the necessary notes with my colleagues and teammates."

Atay stated that they are a unit focused on producing deep-rooted and sustainable solutions in the field of employment and said, "The issue of employment came up in our meeting. Companies are the organizations that provide employment to a large extent. We also received their ideas and expectations and solution suggestions. Therefore, employment is an important issue for us." he said.

"Together We Will Make Projects"

Stating having asked the participants how often and in what ways the meetings should be held, Atay said “All the participants wanted the meetings to continue. There are new suggestions in terms of the method. All of these friends have very serious responsibilities and put effort in their own institutions. We will continue our communication by developing a common tool that will not disrupt their shifts. We will do projects together. We will make projects not only in the public sector, but also with the private sector. We will share these projects when the time comes. "

“We Focus on Talent Management”

Talent management was at the top of the agenda items in the meetings being held for with the private sector human resources managers to find a common ground for the first time. About this issue, Assoc. Prof. Atay stated: “As a structure that focuses on sustainable solutions in the field of talent management and employment, it is very valuable for us to listen to the thoughts, expectations and suggestions of the private sector. We have entered a process where we will produce appropriate solutions by evaluating the work, employer and employees as a whole, and analyzing the needs of the work and employees in all institutions.”

Human Resources Management will be more efficient

In the meetings with Turkey's leading conglomerate of senior human resources managers in its first day and in its second day with the human resources managers of the companies that are not connected to any holding company, there was an exchange of ideas in that human resource management in Turkey needs to be transformed into a more effective way by combining the power of the private sector with the government.

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