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The Presidential Human Resources Office has launched two new projects dedicated to university students. Fourth-year undergraduate, Master and Ph.D. students are employed, on a part-time basis, in the public sector while second and third-year undergraduate students are provided with internship opportunities. The goal of the program is to help students, especially in the social sciences, adapt to both school and business life.

24 Students were employed part-time.

Out of 527 applicants, 24 fourth-year undergraduate, Master and Ph.D. students from a wide range of academic disciplines, from Industrial Engineering to Visual Arts, were employed under the Part-Time Employment Program. These students have a good command of at least one foreign language. They received a certificate at the end of their five month work period for performing their jobs successfully. Moreover, 8 of them were entitled to continue working in the Human Resources Office. 

In addition to the Part-Time Employment Program, 8,600 applicants applied to the Summer Internship Program this year which is offered to second and third-year undergraduate students by the Presidential Human Resources Office. At the end of the interview and evaluation process, 62 students were accepted for the summer internship. These students will do their internship in two different periods.

Talent Pool for Successful Students

The President of the Presidential Human Resources Office, Assoc. Dr. Salim Atay, stated that students will be given all kinds of support to be successful in their careers. Atay said that students who work part-time and do internships in these programs will be added to the talent pool created by the Human Resources Office so as to have a human resources management based on merit and talent in public employment. He also pointed out that they have determined the acceptance criteria that will not be disclaimed by any segment of society and there will be no sense of injustice. This talent pool is being created to recruit people whose success is confirmed by all segments of society. 

Atay emphasized that these two programs also provide opportunities for university students in the field of social sciences. He said that they will make every effort for these students to do their internships in their third and fourth years.

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