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"This country has risen from where it is standing in the academic fields, in the world of science and technology. In a short time, we will match the standards of our nation with the standards of the best countries." said the President of the Human Resources Office of the Presidency Salim Atay.

Under the auspices of the Presidency, the Eastern Mediterranean Career Fair, hosted by Mersin University, began with a ceremony held at the Yunus Emre Cultural Center.

In his speech at the opening, Atay said that the fair will be held in the Eastern Mediterranean region every year from now on.

Expressing that “the great nations of the world” seek to invest especially in young and talented people, Atay said “We, as the Turkish nation, we have continued to invest in young people ever since the time our President was the mayor of Istanbul. When he was the mayor of Istanbul, his first act in Turkey was to provide scholarships and accommodation for students.”

Reporting that the number of universities in Turkey has increased to 206, Atay said:

"In a country with a population of 82 million, it is difficult to do anything in the field of education. We cannot provide great benefits with small efforts as in countries with a population of 3-5 million. Education reform requires both financial and human resources. Therefore, we have increased the number of universities. The number of academicians, which used to be around 70-80 thousand is now around 160 thousand. This country has risen from where it is standing in the academic fields, in the world of science and technology. In a short time, we will match the standards of our nation with the standards of the best countries. Therefore, we give importance to such career fairs. We will continue to hold such fairs in every region of Turkey in the future.

Governor of Mersin, Ali İhsan Su stated that the most crucial issue in the world for a human is to find a job and improve themself.

Expressing that they have been working towards that end, Su said: “Under the auspices of our President, we are holding our first career meetings. I believe that our students will establish serious connections with our companies and institutions and they will enhance their visions.

Opening Session was Held

Koluman Motor Vehicles’ Executive Committee Representative Bahattin Uzadalı, who participated in the opening session of the fair, said that the company is a product of national capital and that the activities in the defense industry are of particular importance in the recent period.

"The work on the missile launch ramp “Hisar” that we are currently running with ASELSAN continues. Last year we developed a product called “Derman”. The first prototype was made, and even Mr. Mustafa Varank did the test himself in December. We believe that this product will be a useful tool for our armed forces, especially in Iraq and Syria. Currently, the product is being tested for use in NATO armies in the United Kingdom. Hopefully, when we move on to mass production, the product will belong to national capital 70%.

TEMSA Human Resources Director Erhan Özel stated that everything starts by "dreaming".

Stating that no one believed his company when he told them they would be producing “electric buses”, Özel expressed that what they have dreamed of back then has come into reality today. Özel stated that they have started to use electric buses in the city of Gaziantep with the help of the Presidency.

Reporting that they have been exporting to 66 different countries and have been making serious contributions to the Turkish economy, Özel said: “We have achieved what was once a dream. The world of the future will be hugely different from the world of today. The things that we are talking about today will be obsolete in the future. It is important to adapt to this process. You should have a dream and you should follow it. While doing that you should adapt to the constantly changing world.

Vice President of Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency Mehmet İrfan Kurt emphasized that in order to have a good career, young people should first determine their own vision, work for their goals and meet the requirements of the era.

During the event, a plaque of appreciation was given to the institutions and individuals who contributed to the organization of the fair.

In the fair, which will end tomorrow, university students and public and private sector representatives will have the opportunity to meet one-on-one on career and employment issues.

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