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Under the auspices of the Presidency and hosted by the Black Sea Technical University (KTU), a ceremony was held at Senol Gunes Sports Complex Medical Park Stadium due to the opening of the "Black Sea Career Fair".

Presidential Human Resources Office President Salim Atay stated that he is also a graduate of Karadeniz Technical University and spent the most beautiful days of his life in Trabzon.

Atay stated that a stadium is not usually used except for football and other sports activities in most places in the world. He said "This is a stadium, but it is being used to provide opportunities for the most talented young people in this country. So, if you have good projects, everything is possible. Before I came, I saw the stands and companies. This organization has the same qualities as the one we have been holding in Besiktas Stadium in Istanbul for years.”

Giving information about the duties of the Presidency Human Resources Office, Atay continued his words as follows:

"Decree no. 1 has given us seven tasks. One of them is merit. How would you achieve merit? It is not easy to do this. You cannot get into people's heads, you cannot measure their intentions, but if you make your services transparent and set the standards, and if you don't let anyone change it for their own benefit, if you take the services to all corners of the country, then you'll naturally have the merit.”

"There is no rule that the best universities are in the biggest cities"

"As the Presidency Human Resources Office, no service will be produced for one day or one period, only for the conjuncture. A human is always human, a human is always in need of service. Then all of our services will be able to be maintained and inspected. This year so many students and companies came here. The next year, an e-mail will be sent to the same group of students and we will say, 'We are coming again this year.' We will do this every year. What will this lead to? In the most developed economies of the world, the best universities are not in the largest cities. Are Oxford and Cambridge universities in London? Is Harvard University in Washington? The world's best university is where people focus best, concentrate best. Sometimes this is a city, sometimes a town, sometimes a village. Because what does campus culture mean? It means 'Come here, focus on your business and specialize in the field'. The Black Sea Region, with its unique culture and geography, has the most talented and qualified people, and it will continue to have them. "

After the speeches, the protocol members visited the stands and met with representatives of the students and companies.

Deputy Mayor of Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality Seyfullah Kınalı, AK Party Trabzon deputy Salih Cora and Bahar Ayvazoğlu, and Gendarmerie Commander Brigadier General Halil Sen, as well as Trabzon Governor Ustaoğlu, participated in the fair opening.

In the fair, which will end tomorrow, university students and public and private sector representatives will have the opportunity to discuss their career and employment issues.

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