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The Presidential Human Resources Office began conducting surveys of 5.5 million public officials at all levels to develop a personnel inventory that will be used for human resource planning. This survey, which includes questions about the public officials’ salaries, will be repeated every year. In this survey, which will end on July 26, the officers are asked whether they agree with statements such as “I am rewarded for my work ”, or  “I think there is a fair salary system”. The participants were asked to give answers such as “strongly disagree ”,“ disagree ”,“ agree ”, etc.

The first survey conducted on public officers, which was initiated at the instruction of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, poses between 87 and 137 questions.

Suggestions received

Suggestions have been received from public officials on a fair salary system. These suggestions include ideas such as “pay for performance ”,“ salary based on title ”, “salary based on level of education” or “ eliminating the pay gap in the public sector”. 

The aim of these surveys is to develop a public personnel inventory, namely a list of public officials and their backgrounds with information on their education level, qualifications, job experience, and employment type. Moreover, these surveys aim to identify officials’ weaknesses and areas for improvement and then to create an action plan for improving these weaknesses. The survey will be available until July 26, 2019 and will be held regularly every year.

Survey of 5.5 million people

The target group of the “1st Public Official Survey”, which will be accessed via the address “”, is approximately 5 million 300 thousand officials recruited from Presidency, Turkish Grand National Assembly, Ministries, Independent / Regul

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