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Türkiye aims to be one of the leading countries in public employee training with the projects implemented by the Presidency of the Republic of Türkiye Human Resources Office under the motto of "Learning is Everywhere" in order to facilitate the access of public employees to training and development activities, to increase their qualifications and to ensure more effective use of training expenditures.

The Target of Qualified Public Sector

Head of Office Assoc. Dr. Salim Atay stated that they aim for a qualified public sector that constantly increases the service quality of the real sector, as in the most advanced economies, and that is the most important tool for employee training. The Training and Development Activities Reports were prepared for two years in this context. As a result, the strengths and areas for improvement for the training and development activities and solutions were identified. Furthermore, with the Distance Learning Gate, which is established by using entirely domestic and national resources, training activities were carried out within the framework of the principles of inclusiveness, sustainability, and equal opportunity.

In addition, it was emphasized that while 24/7 training continues to be provided at the Distance Learning Gate, the Office carried out the most comprehensive Training Needs Analysis study in Türkiye in order to identify critical needs in the training of public employees and to gain 21st-century competencies. President Atay drew attention to the fact that our country is aiming for a breakthrough in the training of public employees with the projects carried out by the Office.

The Second of the Public Institutions Training and Development Activities Report Was Prepared

The second of the Public Institutions Training and Development Activities Report was prepared by analyzing the data on the budget allocated by public institutions for employee training, the training methods they use, the trainer profile, and the number of employees benefiting from the training. It aims to measure the effectiveness of the employee training activities of public institutions annually by stating the strong and open points of the training practices. In addition, it includes comparisons with national and international good practice examples and solution suggestions for increasing the efficiency of training activities and shared with senior managers and people in charge of training activities in Ministries.

10 Million Threshold Exceeded at Distance Learning Gate

While 420 public institutions and 3.73 million employees have been included in the Distance Learning Gate since April 2020, when it was put into the service of public institutions. More than 4,000 training activities were carried out, and 11.8 million public employees attended these training activities from all over Türkiye. With the development of digital skills of public employees and standardization of training activities, a "Distance Learning Culture" was established in the public sector, and the number 1.65 million public employees participated in at least one training activity.

In 2021, a significant paradigm shift was achieved in public employee training because the training activities that, if carried out face-to-face, would require 7.8 billion TL of expenditure, were completed digitally via the platform.

At the Distance Learning Gate, each institution creates training in line with its own expertise. Furthermore, all institutions offer various training activities, especially occupational development, information technologies, and legislation training activities. Thus, while public employees can participate in training activities to improve their knowledge and skills within the framework of equal opportunity, the quality of the human resources that will bring Türkiye to the future is expanded.

Türkiye's Most Comprehensive Training Needs Analysis Was Carried Out

The Head of Human Resources Training and Development Department at the Office, Dr. Savaş Ceylan, stated that a comprehensive training needs analysis was conducted for the first time in Türkiye in order to determine the training and development needs of employees at all levels working in the central, provincial and foreign organizations of public institutions. Ceylan added that within the scope of the study, job descriptions and workflow processes in public institutions were examined in the first stage. Then, in the second stage, the data based on the duties and responsibilities of all public employees, the knowledge and skills they should have, the legislation they apply, and the computer systems they use were collected from nearly 600.000 employees. In this regard, priority training needs were determined by modern and scientific methods. In addition, with the data collected from the managers participating in the study, training needs for 21st-century competencies such as problem-solving, creativity, and teamwork, which must be possessed to be more effective in the changing world and business life, were determined.

Ministries can determine the training and development activities for 2022 according to their priorities and do the necessary planning for the benefit of all their employees.

2022 Will Be the Year of the Breakthrough in Employee Training in the Public Service

The Office has declared the year 2022 as the "Civil Servant Training Breakthrough Year" to enhance the studies on training and development activities with innovative methods and provide training activities for public employees.

In this context, the rate of interactive training activities with innovative methods specially developed by using artificial intelligence at the Distance Learning Gate is increased. In the system designed by taking into account the preferences of the trainees, individualized learning environments are created, and the impact of the training activities can be measured continuously. The Office, which contributes to the determination of macro policies for training and development activities in our country with its data-based management approach, it is stated that the studies to be carried out by the Ministries will continue to be supported.

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