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The Human Resources Office participates in OECD’s

• Public Governance Committee (PGC)

• Employment, Labour and Social Affairs Committee (ELSAC)

• Education Policy Committee (EDPC)

The Human Resources Office takes part in meetings and seminars conducted by the Committees and contributes to ongoing reports and other works. 

The Office also cooperates with the SIGMA-OECD, the OECD Observatory of Public Sector Innovation, and Economic and Development Review Committee (EDRC).  

Projects of the Human Resources Office have attracted the attention of international organizations with their innovative features and impact on the public sector in Türkiye. Some projects have been highlighted in the OECD’s reports as good practices in the field of human resource management. 

National Internship Program has been reported in the OECD's “Governance for Youth, Trust and Intergenerational Justice Report (2020)” as a good practice of enhancing the attractiveness of the public sector for youth. 

• In the policy note titled“What Did Countries Do to Support Youth in the COVID-19 Crisis? (2021)”, National Internship Program has been reported as an example of providing young people with a ladder into the labour market during COVID-19.

• The "e-insan” (e-human) mobile application, which is a digital service where career services related to education and business life developed by the Office are offered on the basis of equal opportunity, was published as a leading innovative project in public administration by the OECD Observatory of Public Sector Innovation (OPSI), and in this context Career Gate, Talent Gate, Distance Learning Gate, National Internship Program, and YTNK TV were presented as innovative solutions in the public sector

• In the “OECD Economic Surveys: Türkiye 2023 Report” prepared by the OECD’s Economic and Development Review Committee (EDRC), the contributions of 7 projects (UNI-VERI, Rector Information System (REBIS), The Skill Map, Career Counselling Information (DABIS),  Career Gate, National Internship Program, and Distance Learning Gate) carried out by the Human Resources Office, to education and labor market reforms in Türkiye were highlighted.

• The Human Resources Office's central coordination role in talent management and human resource management was emphasized in the report “Digital Government Review of Türkiye: Towards a Digitally Enabled Government”, and it was underlined that Career Gate, National Internship Program, Distance Learning Gate, National Talent Fairs, HR Metrics Analysis, YTNK TV, Career Planning Course and CAM projects were crucial steps in boosting the capacity of human resources management in the public sector.

• Additionally, the extensive usage of the Career Gate and Distance Learning Gate Platforms were noticed in the “Public Employment and Management 2023: Towards a More Flexible Public Service Report”, and it was said that these digital tools encourage the mobility of talents in the public sector. It was highlighted that the contribution of Distance Learning Gate to the environment through online training and the calculation of carbon emissions. It was also mentioned that the Career Map initiative can be used to track workforce mobility.