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It is an internship program prepared for university students under the coordination of the Presidency of the Republic of Turkey Human Resources Office (CBIKO), in cooperation with all ministries and their subsidiaries, relevant and related organizations and voluntary employers from the private sector.
The Internship Mobilization Programme aims to provide equal opportunity in accessing career openings with transparent, traceable and innovative evaluation methods. In this regard, the Programme provides internship opportunities both in public and private sectors, which are accessible for all university students from all departments. Additionally, the Programme seeks to reduce talent gap not only in large corporations and companies, but in SMEs/start-ups, which form the backbone of our economy.
Since the internship opportunities are limited this year due to the pandemic, the applications are made available for students who are in the second year of associate degree program and in the second, third and fourth year of undergraduate degree program. The students need to have CGPA of minimum 2.00 out of 4.00 (or equivalent in other grading systems). Applications will end on March 22, 2021.
Application evaluations are carried out by CBIKO with merit-based and objective methods by taking long-term—from the beginning of high school to the end of undergraduate education—studies and performances of candidates into consideration.
Candidates who are eligible to be part of the internship pool are determined based on application evaluations. Following the evaluation process, the competence scores of the candidates in the professional, artistic, social and sports fields are classified, keeping the identities of the candidates confidential. Public institutions/organizations and the private sector companies are authorized to access the internship pool screened by CBIKO. These institutions can send online internship offers to students who fit their criteria without seeing candidates’ personal identifying information. Candidates then choose their preferred workplace among those offers.