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President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced the "Second 100-Day Execution Program", in which the activities of the Presidency are included. Accordingly, the five-year President Program by the Presidency will be completed and implemented.

By the Presidency Strategy and Budget Department, the Central Administration Budget preparation and implementation processes will be carried out entirely through the electronic environment.

By the Presidency Administrative Affairs Department, Regulatory Information System will be adapted and updated to the new system.

The Vice Presidency will implement 81 Provincial Scorecard Projects developed in the first 100 days to monitor indicators related to local development through projects and activities.

“The Career Gate” application developed by the Presidency Human Resources Office for the purpose of publishing open job positions online will be implemented and the standard procedures for the establishment of Career Centers in all universities will be published.

The Human Resources Office will complete the University Graduates Employability Survey to measure the post-graduation performance of universities and their affiliated departments. It will also launch “Vision and Awareness Trainings for Overseas Scholars” for students to be sent abroad.

The Presidency Digital Transformation Office will enable the subscription of electricity, natural gas, water, telephone and internet subscription services to be offered through e-Government as a pilot application.

The Presidency Digital Transformation Office, which will enable the integration of the services provided by the state to the citizens, to the private sector and to the public in the e-Government at a percent of 95, will test the performance of the services offered through the e-Government.

"Economic Policy Assemblies" will be established

Under the leadership of the Presidency, the Culture and Arts Policy Board will mobilize the Internet, communication, media and education for the conscious use of Turkish, the language of civilization.

The Presidency Economic Policy Council will establish "Economic Policy Assemblies" with broad participation in order to contribute to the work of non-governmental organizations.

The National Science, Technology and Innovation Strategy and Action Plan will be prepared by the Science, Technology and Innovation Policy Council.

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